PLACEMENTS: Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop (New York), Catfish, VH1, MTV, European Network TV, Fight Knights Revival mobile game app and more...

PRODUCTION CREDITS: French Montana, Joyner Lucas, Sky Zoo, JL B. Hood, Lil' Flip, C-Note, Mr. Pookie and more...

SteadyGrind Music Publishing is a Major Independent Brand and music service company in partnership with Sony/ATV Music Publishing!


The artist roster includes, Hip-Hop/Pop/Recording artist/Songwriter/Performer, Saint Crown from Olympia, WA, Brit Pop/British Folk Revival/Contemporary Country Rock artist/Musician/Singer-Songwriter/Performer, Pete Scott from London, UK, Hip-Hop/Recording artist/Songwriter/Performer, Jay Williz from Santa Rosa, Ca., Contemporary Folk/Alternative/Indie/Contemporary Country artist/Musician/Singer-Songwriter/Performer, Colby Dean from Nashville, Tn., Pop/Hip Hop/R&B/Recording artist/Singer-Songwriter/Performer, Serena Deena from London, UK by way of the island of Cyprus, R&B/Trap Soul/Recording artist/Singer-Songwriter/Performer, Elijah Rosario from Raleigh, NC, R&B/Pop/Recording artist/Singer-Songwriter/Performer, Joi Najae from Greenville, SC and Alternative/Indie/Pop/Indie Rock artist/Singer-Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist/Music Producer and TRF Ambassador, Pat Rossi from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


The music production team, TrackTeam Productionz™ aka The TrackTeam™, consists of Executive Producer, Trackaholic Productionz™ (Tha King of Bass) from Shreveport, La., Co-Executive Producer, Diggy Diamond Productions from Bronx, NY, Music Producer, Blvckrose Productionz from Youngstown, Oh. and Music Producer, Gosh Fire from the island of Cyprus.

Why shop with just 1 beat maker when you can get a variety of different sounding beats in various styles from an experienced team of music producers/audio engineers with over 5 decades of combined experience? The TrackTeam™ has beats in a variety of genres including Hip-Hop (Up North, Down South, West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, Old School, Boom Bap and everything in between) Rap, Trap, Rock Rap, Hip-Hop/R&B, R&B, R&B/Soul, Neo Soul, Trap Soul, Sync Wave, Future R&B, Funk, Pop, Club, Edm, World/Regional, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Tropical House, Soundtrack Compositions, Stadium, Video Game Music and Gospel (just to name a few, ha ha). Get your certified ✔✔✔✔ Bangers from us, TrackTeam Productionz™!!

#TheTrackTeam We The Beat 🔌!!!



Custom Beat Production (Same as Exclusive Lease or Exclusive Rights Below) - $349.98 and Up

50/50 Artist Publishing Deal with Sync Licensing Placement Opportunities - (Film, TV, Commercials, Ads, Video Games, Apps, etc.) (No Up Front Fee) 100% songwriter share for the artist and 100% publisher share for SteadyGrind Music Publishing on all back end royalties. 50% for the artist and 50% for SGMP on all front end payouts (2 Year Contract) (No ASCAP artists and we Only accept industry standard, quality music).


50/50 Producer Publishing Deal with Sync Licensing Placement Opportunities - (Film, TV, Commercials, Ads, Video Games, Apps, etc.) with Free Promotion - (No Up Front Fee) 100% songwriter share for the producer and 100% publisher share for SteadyGrind Music Publishing on all back end royalties, 50% for the producer and 50% for SGMP on all front end payouts and 50% for the producer and 50% for SGMP on all beat leases and exclusives sold on our website beat store and our BeatStars page (2 Year Contract) (No ASCAP producers and we Only accept industry standard, quality beats).

Social Media Music Marketing and Promotion - One link or event only, promoted to all major social media platforms, including but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. (Real Followers, Fans and Plays) - $100/Month


Basic MP3 Lease - MP3 Only, 2500 Copies Distributed and Must Credit (Prod. by The TrackTeam) - $14.98 - $24.98

Premium WAV Lease - WAV file + MP3 file, 3500 Copies Distributed and Must Credit (Prod. by The TrackTeam) - $24.98 - $34.98

Exclusive Lease - WAV file + MP3 file, Unlimited Copies Distributed and Must Credit (Prod. by The TrackTeam) - $99.98 - $349.98

Exclusive Rights - Stems + WAV file + MP3 file and Unlimited Copies Distributed (Buyer Owns Copyrights of the Beat) - $499.98 and Up



All payments made via secure PayPal or debit/credit card only!

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