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Steven Kerber aka “Saint Crown” is a local Musician and Recording Artist Hailing from Washington State.

While specializing in Hip Hop with introspective bars and catchy, heartfelt choruses, some might consider Saint Crown to be a Hip Hop/Pop Artist because of his singing abilities and modernity. He is always open to collaborations and welcomes challenging collaborative opportunities to further sharpen his creative mind and hone his lyrical skills!

Pete Scott first landed on the London open mic circuit back in 2001. Since then, he has performed his own original material in bars and clubs around the world. The influences behind the music can be traced to the grunge sounds he absorbed during his teens in the mid-nighties, with a smattering of blues, traditional folk and nineties Brit pop bands. 
As well as writing songs about love and loss, Pete has an uncanny knack for writing catchy tunes around the subjects of mental health, isolation and daily, emotional struggles. Performing on stage is where he feels most comfortable and has had the pleasure of playing live with members of Mumford and Sons, King Charles and Alan Clayton (front man with the punk band the Dirty Strangers).

Justin Willis (born March 10, 1999), known professionally as Jay Williz, is an American rapper and songwriter from Santa Rosa, California. Jay began writing and creating music at fifteen-years-old with 7 mixtapes released before releasing his first studio album in 2017 titled “The Rose”, executive produced by local producer No Limit Creation. Since then, he has released 4 other studio efforts and founded independent record label Soul Survivor Music in 2018. He is known for his fast flows and catchy melodic hooks.

Colby Dean, born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, comes from the honest roots of Western Montana. He picked up guitar at age 13, and instantly began composing original material. Dean first recorded his songs with a single microphone, filmed home- made music videos, and distributed copies to schoolmates. In his early days, Dean learned how to pick guitar, banjo, mandolin, and also became proficient in ukulele, bass, and drums and is now recognized as a multi-instrumentalists.

      Serena Deena  
     Elijah Rosario
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Serena Deena, from London, United Kingdom by way of the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean, is a Pop/R&B/Hip Hop/Recording artist.

Serena performed backing vocals for Grammy Award winning songwriter Phil Ramocon and then recorded her debut EP, produced by Multi Platinum, Warner Chappell producer, Bennett Armstrong. Serena then had a writing and recording session with Def Jam executives at Gold Heart Studios in NYC in 2019. As bonuses Serena’s tracks “Dark Roses” and “Dancing in the Sky” hit more than 1 Million plays on Soundcloud and “Piece of My Heart” reached the Top 10 on iTunes in June, 2019.

Elijah Rosario is a Contemporary R&B/Trap Soul/Recording Artist/Songwriter based out of Raleigh, North Carolina by way of Augusta, Georgia and he’s bringing that sexy and sultry R&B back!


His relationship with music all started when he was only five years old and started playing the drums in church.

He classifies himself as an “R&B Mood Music” type of artist. His music is upbeat, sensual, real life centric and most importantly personal.

At the end of the day when it’s all said and done he wants the world to feel what he’s saying, whether it’s through a record he’s written and recorded for himself or a song that he has written for another artist, you can still feel his passion for music and will love his vibe.

21 year old R&B Songstress, Joi Najae Watts, is a R&B/Pop/Recording artist/Singer-Songwriter/Performer from South Carolina.


Her middle name is of Jamaican origin, meaning inquisitive, unique, chosen one. Music has always been a major part of her life ever since she was a baby and it’s always been something she wanted to do and do well. She’s been writing songs since an early childhood age and just recently started doing covers of mainstream artists and posting the videos of them on Instagram. She released her first studio song in June 2019 titled “Stuck” on all DSP’s which she also released an official video for afterwards on YouTube and has been in the studio recording new music ever since.


She feels the best way she can get out what she needs to say is through writing. Writing how she feels, what she sees and what she wants. She has stories she wants to tell and she’s always wanting to know more and be a better light. We hope you all enjoy her stories, real life stories!

Born and raised in Montreal Canada, Pat Rossi proves to be as diverse and artistic as  the city in which he calls home. As a proud son of Italian immigrant parents, Rossi spent  his earlier years embracing his culture while learning how to be a Canadian musician.  Now ready to let the world in on his personal side, Rossi sets out for the first time as a  solo artist to release a series of songs he has written over the years. He is ready to share  his most heartfelt intimate moments in music with the world. Rossi is a self taught multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer. His acclaimed song writing skills led him to perform with Bon Jovi after winning the Sirius/XM Song writing Competition as he was selected over thousands of songwriters around the world. He has also worked with and performed alongside artists 3 Doors Down, Gilby Clark of Guns N Roses, Jonas and The Massive Attraction, Savoir Adore and many more. Rossi has had numerous songs air on radio stations around the world. His most popular hit “This Is The Day” landed on the top 50 Active Rock charts in Canada.